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Principle's Message

K.P International School is shaping and moulding your children who are our students to cope with every issue they come across and judge situations appropriately. We aspire to have a good rapport with all our parents and the school diary supports to great extent the interaction among the parents and the school. All important information are communicated to the parents through the school diary and thus it is mandatory for the child to bring the school diary every day.
Parents are kindly requested to spare a little of their time to go through their wards diary and locate notes made from the school so that the school can be ensured of positive action from their end.
To help the child gain maximum from the school,the spontaneous co-operation of all parents is quite essential.
parents are also requested to send brief notes through the school diary pertaining to their child`s attitude and behavioral changes.
The school authorities and parents have to put their heads together to shape and fine tune the personality of the children.

Babita Rana
K. P. International School

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