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Aim & Objective

"EDUCATION FOR LIFE" is our aim. The school is committed to impart holistic education so as to make KPian`s an asset to the new millenium. The all round development of your child`s personality is taken care of. Here co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are equally emphasized along with academics . It envisages to create professionally successful, cosmopolitan, confident, self reliant,remarkable human brings with substance, in a challenging and invigorating environment.
The school provides a climate for wholesome and integrated upbringing of dynamics students.
Hence developing an integrated personality and progressive outlook along with academic excellence is the hallmark of this institution.

Campus Language

The medium of instruction is English. Therefore the school insists that the children and the teachers use English as the campus language

At the same time the school wants every student to acquire proficiency in all the three languages-the international language English, the national language Hindi and third optional language sanskrit.

K. P. International School

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