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Schedule of Payment of School Fee

Parents are requested to pay their ward`s fee at school office and collect the fee receipt from school office

1. Up to 30th April-Fee for April to June.
2. Up to 30th July-Fee for July to Sept.
3. Up to 30th Oct-Fee for Oct to Dec.
4. Up to 30th Jan-Fee for Jan to March.

Bus conveyance charges are extra and will be charged for Eleven months payable in advance along with the fee installments

Late Fee

If the fee is not paid by the due date, fine will be charged as follows:
. Rs.5/-per day


1. If the above mentioned last date happens to be a Gazetted holiday the fee shall be payable on the next working day without any late fee.

2. If Parents wish to deposit fees in one installment for the entire year a concession of one month will be granted.

3. Parents are advised to give an application two days in advance for any sort of certificate or Duplicate receipt.

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