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Rules & Regulations


"Discipline and Virtue" is the hallmark of every KPian`s. We expect that students entrusted to our care, will conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned and leave this school as god fearing young men useful to themselves, their parents and society.

1. Leave application should be sent in advance in case of absence from the school. The name of pupil will be removed from the rolls after six days continuous absence.

2. The pupil concerned may be readmitted at the discretion of the principal.

3. Student should reach the well in time. Once the gates are closed they will not be allowed to enter.

4. School uniform is compulsory on all school days and at the school functions children must come neatly dressed in proper uniform and in polished shoes.

5. Every student should carry the school dairy with him/her daily

6. student should keep their classroom and premises clean. They should take care of the school property.

7. Student are not allowed to be bring valuable articles like watches, ornaments,expensive pens and excessive money to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.

8. Students are expected to do their assignment diligently. Doubts may be cleared during classes

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